Play Library Featured in 5chw4r7z Blog!

People's Liberty located at 1805 Elm St directly across the street from Findlay Market always has something amazing happening in their Globe Space. They're been hitting home runs with their Globe Grants which allow an artist to take over the space for amazing interactive art installations.
The latest is the Play Library, like a regular library except instead of books patrons will check out games. There are borrowing memberships available but you can also take the games with a deposit. Julia Fischer is hoping to acquire enough memberships to make the Play Library permanent somewhere in OTR. 
Tomorrow night, July 21st the Play Library will host Beer & Board Games from 6-10pm. The adults only (obviously) evening will feature games such as Cards Against, DrunkQuest and Exploding Kittens! I love Exploding Kittens, its kind of like Uno, except instead of shouting Uno your kitten explodes. If you are a fan of The Oatmeal you'll understand Exploding Kittens immediately. 
It sounds like the Play Library host these every other Thursday so if you are child free and don't have kiddos to entertain, you can still take advantage and enjoy the library.

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