The 2-hour Play Library Party Package

  • We set up balloons (ya know, if you're into that) table cloths, and tables for foooood.

  • You bring the snacks, drinks, cake, goodies, ice, and any decorations you want.

  • We provide at least ONE Play Librarian to unlock, help set-up, and assist during your shindig.

  • You run the party, and clean up by the time the 2-hour window is up.

  • That is all you need to know!

Pricing and money stuff

Prices are based on up-to 20 people (including parents/chaperones/organizers)

  • Deposit: $50 to hold the reservation

    • refundable up to 6 days before event

  • Rental fee:

    • $150 for members

    • $200 for non-members

  • Additional Guests: $5 per person

Let's get this party started, ya'll.

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At this point, you probably have questions. That's natural. Here are some answers:

Q: What makes Play Library better than other event spots?
A: Um, are you kidding me? Have you seen the place? Sorry, that was rude. We'll stick to the answer. At Play Library, you can...

  • ...Rent our play items AND/OR rent our space. We can rearrange the library to suit your needs.

  • ...Pretty much manipulate us into agreeing to whatever the heck you want because we're still new to this.

Q: Whatchoo mean, "rent" "play" "items?"
A: Woah with the sass. J/k. We started it.

  • We have giant Jenga sets, hula hoops, big wheels, tug of war ropes, sports balls, croquet, and lots of other yard games. Ask us if we have something, and we probably do.

  • Looking for something more "calm?" You can rent a curated box of assorted toys or games (or both) for your event.

Q: What does a kids' birthday party at Play Library look like?
A: Have you ever seen Willy Wonka? It's like that, but no one turns into a blueberry. Honestly...

  • That's up to you and your birthday girl/boy.

  • The best parties have a ratio of 1 adult for every 2/3 kids, depending on age of kids (and, we suppose, age of adult).

  • You are in charge of supervising the attendees. We're not a day care or a nursing home.

  • This is our favorite part of hosting birthday parties at Play Library: Knowing that your child is about to get a ton of new toys, part of our Birthday Party Policy is that the birthday girl/boy donates at least 1 play item from home that they are no longer using. Pretty cool idea, right? We think so too.

  • Also, related, parents get to have this really rad discussion about generosity, sharing, and donations. It makes them better adults.

Q: What is the capacity?
A: We love people…but, if you put too many of them in one space…well, it’s just not as much fun. Birthday parties (25ish max) are way different than a company event (30ish max). So call us, we’ll figure it out.