The 2-hour Play Library Party Package

  • We set up balloons (ya know, if you're into that) table cloths, and tables for foooood.

  • You bring the snacks, drinks, cake, goodies, ice, and any decorations you want.

  • We provide at least ONE Play Librarian to unlock, help set-up, and assist during your shindig.

  • You run the party, and clean up by the time the 2-hour window is up.

  • That is all you need to know!

Pricing and money stuff

Prices are based on up-to 20 people (including parents/chaperones/organizers)

  • Deposit: $50 to hold the reservation

    • refundable up to 6 days before event

  • Rental fee:

    • $150 for members

    • $200 for non-members

  • Additional Guests: $5 per person

Let's get this party started, ya'll.

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At this point, you probably have questions. That's natural. Here are some answers:

Q: What makes Play Library better than other event spots?
A: Um, are you kidding me? Have you seen the place? Sorry, that was rude. We'll stick to the answer. At Play Library, you can...

  • ...Rent our play items AND/OR rent our space. We can rearrange the library to suit your needs.

  • ...Pretty much manipulate us into agreeing to whatever the heck you want because we want you here.

Q: What does a kids' birthday party at Play Library look like?
A: Have you ever seen Willy Wonka? It's like that, but no one turns into a blueberry. Honestly...

  • That's up to you and your birthday girl/boy.

  • The best parties have a ratio of 1 adult for every 2/3 kids, depending on age of kids (and, we suppose, age of adult).

  • You are in charge of supervising the attendees. We're not a day care or a nursing home.

  • This is our favorite part of hosting birthday parties at Play Library: Knowing that your child is about to get a ton of new toys, part of our Birthday Party Policy is that the birthday girl/boy donates at least 1 play item from home that they are no longer using. Pretty cool idea, right? We think so too.

  • Also, related, parents get to have this really rad discussion about generosity, sharing, and donations. It makes them better adults.

Q: What is the capacity?
A: We love people…but, if you put too many of them in one space…well, it’s just not as much fun. Birthday parties (25ish max) are way different than a company event (30ish max). So call us, we’ll figure it out.