While the Play Library is, at its core, a simple lending library, it’s really much more than that. We:

  • Provide safe, quality toys and games to children and families of all socio-economic levels.

  • Promote creativity, confidence and development through positive play.

  • Promote environmental practices by sanitizing and reusing/recycling toys.

  • Advance children’s sense of responsibility through praise and reward.

  • Support families, parents and caregivers and encourage them to spend time playing with their children…and each other.

  • Disseminate information and promote discussion on the importance of play.

  • Host family and friend game-nights, events, and parties.

  • Create a stronger community.


Kid-germs freak me out. How will you keep the toys clean and sanitized? Let me start out by saying that we will not carry or loan any plush/stuffed animals or soft dolls. Why? Bedbugs. We don't want em and you don't want em. That said, upon return, no toy is re-shelved until it is thoroughly scrubbed with a green/non-toxic sanitizing solution and/or sanitized in a (high heat) dishwasher, washing machine.

What if the toy breaks or we lose pieces? Play Library understands that toys will break and pieces will get lost. This is all part of being a kid. Thankfully, we have a toy parts department where we can either replace the missing piece, or the toy goes into the toy parts department to be made into a new toy! If your child consistently returns toys broken or missing pieces, there will be a small fee and we’ll send your child home with a puppy! (That’s a joke - we keep the puppy. That's also a joke - there's no puppy involved at all.)



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Julia Rose Fischer, Founder and Board Vice Chair of Play Library, has been in the industry of play for...a bunch of years. She helped create and launch multiple award-winning toy lines and was key in winning a $35M grant to create a new media-based intellectual property, with funding from the US Dept of Education for Wildbrain Ent. (now DHX Media). She is currently living and working in Los Angeles and with her partner, William, without whom she couldn't have done all of this (seriously, you guys), and their weird little scrappy dog, Monkie. She is a die-hard fan of ice cream, robots, and kids who end their sentences with “and then”.


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