Fun. Not Fiction.


The Play Library experience is just like a regular library but instead of books, we lend toys and games! Designed for kids and adultsPlay Library's goal is to connect families, friends, and communities through play.

Peruse These Q's

Q: How can I be sure these toys and games are clean? Germs. Are. Gross.
A: SO GROSS! Upon return, no toy is re-shelved until it is thoroughly cleaned. We use Benefect Botanical Decon 30.

Q: Are all your toys and games hand-me-downs? 
Nope! We wanna carry all the hottest stuff you're looking for. Your membership and contributions make sure we have that stuff. We also accept high-quality previously-owned toys and games.

Q: So, what's stopping someone from just returning broken toys?
A: We understand that toys break and pieces get lost. Thankfully, we can either replace the missing piece, or the toy goes into the toy parts department to be made into a new toy! If you consistently return toys broken or with missing pieces, there will be a small fee and we’ll send you home with a puppy! (That’s a joke - we keep the puppy.) Likely, you will not be able to take a toy out again for a week. We think that’s fair. Don’t you?

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Meet the librarian.

Julia Rose Fischer, the gusto behind the Play Library, has been in the toy and children’s entertainment industry for over 12 years.

She helped create and launch multiple award-winning toy lines and was key in winning a $35 million grant to create a new media-based intellectual property with funding from the US Department of Education.

Julia served on the regional board of the non-profit Indego Africa, and is a die-hard fan of ice cream, robots, and kids who end their sentences with “and then”.