Fun. Not Fiction.


Play Library™ is just like a regular library but instead of books, we lend toys and games! Designed for kids and adultsPlay Library's goal is to connect families, friends, and communities through play.

Peruse These Q's

Q: How can I be sure these toys and games are clean? Germs. Are. Gross.
A: SO GROSS! Upon return, no toy is re-shelved until it is thoroughly cleaned. We use Benefect Botanical Decon 30.

Q: Are all your toys and games hand-me-downs? 
Nope! We wanna carry all the hottest stuff you're looking for. Your membership and contributions make sure we have that stuff. We also accept high-quality previously-owned toys and games.

Q: So, what's stopping someone from just returning broken toys?
A: We understand that toys break and pieces get lost. Thankfully, we can either replace the missing piece, or the toy goes into the toy parts department to be made into a new toy! If you consistently return toys broken or with missing pieces, there will be a small fee and we’ll send you home with a puppy! (That’s a joke - we keep the puppy.) Likely, you will not be able to take a toy out again for a week. We think that’s fair. Don’t you?

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